Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Spectrum Computing. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Guidelines

    1. Play nice. Set a positive tone. It's OK to compare A to B but remember that behind any game, project, video, etc, there's a person. Let's keep the tone friendly and our participation here relaxing. #
    2. Do not post offensive, Inflammatory, deliberately provocative, defamatory, libellous or other inappropriate material on the forum or via PM. #
    3. Users should not use the forum to discuss politics or religion. #
    4. Discrimination or abuse based on race, gender, religion, appearance, physical ability, mental capacity or other personal factors is not permitted. #
    5. Users should not post or act in any way that is against the law of your country, the country where “Spectrum Computing” is hosted or any other relevant jurisdiction. #
    6. Occasional mild swearing is allowed, provided that it is not abusive. Frequent, strong or abusive swearing is not permitted. This rule applies even if asterisks or other symbols are used to mask the spelling of an expletive or if an expletive is abbreviated. #
    7. We don't want the site to get in trouble, don't post links to material known to be denied. We reserve the right to delete any links we feel are not appropriate or may break copyright. #
    8. No spam. Commercial posts relating to Sinclair computers (or closely related topics) can be made in the Sales/Commercial section. No other commercial posts are allowed. #
    9. ZXVega+. No criticism without offering new information. We don't want to be a platform for ranting or attacks. If you don't have anything factual to add, don't add it. #
    10. Report any posts you feel break the rules using the “!” button which is available on all posts. #
    11. This is a site for discussing Retro Computing and closely related matters only. This rule may be relaxed during exceptional circumstances for specific threads. Your posting must be appropriate to the forum and relevant to the discussion. If in doubt ask a moderator for advice. #
    12. Users may only edit posts within two hours of the original post time. Avatars, signatures and profiles can be changed at any time. If you wish to correct a mistake or update information in a post after two hours have elapsed, please contact a moderator. Moderators will only accept requests to edit posts if the change cannot practically be made via a new post or if there are material benefits to the forum from changing the original post. #
    13. All posts should be in English. #
    14. Please don't vote for titles that can't be found using the built in search functions of the website. #
  2. Moderation

    1. Apart from serious or repeated breaches of our guidelines, wherever possible we want to avoid banning users (either temporarily or permanently). We will always try to discuss issues with users where possible and come to a resolution. Only when other avenues have been exhausted will we bring into play other measures. The site administrator and other moderators are responsible for the interpretation of these rules. #
    2. Where a temporary ban is issued this will be for a period of two weeks. #
    3. If you are unsure if your post is appropriate, please contact a member of the moderation team before posting. #
    4. Any moderator may edit or delete messages which they feel are not in the spirit of our guidelines. Messages will always be 'soft deleted' so they are available if needed. Edited messages will be identified by the moderator as having been edited. If we need to delete messages we will always inform the user to let them know why the post has been deleted. #
  3. Account Deletion

    1. If you wish to have your account deleted please use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of each forum page to contact the administrators. We will action the request within 7 days. Whilst not mandatory, it would be nice if you could briefly explain the reasons for wanting your account deleted. #