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Einar Saukas
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According to information imported from Martijn's old WoS, the Leisure Genius version of Monopoly for the Speccy is an official license of another Monopoly program.

I suspect this information is wrong. The Speccy is probably an official license of the original board game.

Does anyone know otherwise?
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Dynamite Dan
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Re: Monopoly

Post by druellan »

Hi! I think the error is in the "software" part of the license. Parker Brothers is the correct copyright owner, and Weddington the UK holder, both for the board game, plus, the same copyright is correctly applied to other Monopoly titles, so, I think this is not an special case, just an error on the license type (that I can theorize happened because we changed "game" to "software" if I remember correctly)

Also, looking at the documentation, the Leisure Genius is the official version.
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