Phantomas Tales #4: Severin' Sewers 2024 (The Mojon Twins)

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Neil Parsons
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Phantomas Tales #4: Severin' Sewers 2024 (The Mojon Twins)

Post by Neil Parsons »

Coming from this thread, about one of latest Mojon Twins releases for the Speccy: Phantomas Tales #4 - Severin' Sewers (2024 Edition)

When a new version of a previously released videogame has been published, does it need to be uploaded with the rest of items in its same SC entry or would it be done separately? As written before, PT#4 2024 version contains several improvements and also runs on 48k.

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Re: Phantomas Tales #4: Severin' Sewers 2024 (The Mojon Twins)

Post by R-Tape »

It's tricky @Neil Parsons. The deciding factors are how many changes have been made, and is there a large time gap between releases. I struggle with this, because it often contradicts what I personally 'feel' is correct for an entry.

The game does not look very different to me, but there has been a huge time gap, so it should have a separate entry. I'd title it "Phantomas Tales #4: Severin' Sewers 2024" to distinguish them.

@Einar Saukas let us know if you disagree.
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