Reviews for The Adventures of Bouncing Bob - Summer Breeze (#30236)

Review by YOR on 02 Apr 2020 (Rating: 2)

Nice idea and nice look, but the jumping is too flawed. You’re a fat square that has to squeeze through small gaps to avoid enemies, it's no fun.

Review by The Dean of Games on 03 Apr 2020 (Rating: 3)

by Douglas Bagnall

This is one of the Bouncing Bob games. Each one is inspired by an all time classic. This title pays tribute to Jet Set Willy will (at least I think so).
The game plays very well, fells very modern, with a fast paced gameplay that entices the player for one more go. It's a bit hard apparently, specially in the inner rooms, but that is mainly because of the speed the baddies move, and I guess with a bit of patience you soon get pass them. I didn't have the patient to persist, but I felt that with a bit more playing I would be able finish it easily.
A nice new entry in the Spectrum catalog.