Reviews for 750cc Grand Prix (#9300)

Review by Raphie on 15 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Really good motorbike racing game from Codies. This has you racing in some of the top British racing tracks and you must reach the podium to qualify...the tracks are probably unlicensed but there we are, they're there anyway.

The one thing that may decide whether you will like or despise this game the most is its tilting screen effect when you make your turns, personally I found nothing wrong with it but I know others who were put off by it. Still it makes this one stand out as it's different.

Also because the game is denied by Codemasters and you are therefore forced to find a rom elsewhere to play (which I'm not stating here because that would be naughty) most likely the speech will be corrupt, which is a darn shame.

Still this is rather good and worth a look nonetheless.

Review by YOR on 03 Nov 2017 (Rating: 3)

It's not a bad bike racing game but is nowhere near on par with TT Racer. I simply cannot get on with the screen tilting as you turn, that annoys the hell out of me. And also, why do all the other bikers zoom quickly past you at the start? I thought this was 750cc, instead it looks like they are 5000cc and I'm 50cc. I probably should give this a lower mark but I did enjoy it much more that I probably should have and thus I'll be kind to it.